Title Abstracting

A title abstract is a detailed review and examination of the public records associated with a particular piece of real estate. An accurate and timely title report that is reviewed by an attorney is paramount to the success of any real estate transaction. Research and review of any issues affecting the title to a property is crucial to ensuring that purchasers and lenders are aware of all prior transactions of record and how they could affect a property. This allows for any title defects identified to be cleared prior to the conveyance of the property so the new owner will have clear, marketable and insurable title.

Utilizing the information available at the courthouses, along with our extensive back title files, we are able to deliver to our customers a complete and accurate title report at competitive pricing. Once our abstractors complete their research, the information is professionally documented in our system and a title report is generated for use by our clients. Documents used in preparing our title reports such as recorded documents and tax records are available to our clients on-line with SureClose. These documents can be retrieved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Depending upon your needs, we can perform any type of search on the public records you require.

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